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Avalon Adventure 2019

Avalon Adventure
July 26-Aug 7, 2019


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The magic of Avalon awaits us on our pilgrimage to the Glastonbury Goddess Conference and the sacred landmarks of Britain. The small group of women who join this trip will experience the beauty and vibrancy of the magical landscape and a powerful celebration of the Goddess along with other devotees from all over the world.
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Arrive & Settle In

Jul 27 You'll be picked up at the Bristol airport (BRS) and brought to our house to rest after your long flight. You can settle in, unpack, have a snack, or take a nap before dinner. Over our evening meal, we will debrief about the week ahead, ending our night with offerings for the spirits and ancestors of the land. Please bring items to add to the community altar as well as coins or crystals as offerings.

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Thermae Spa

July 28 We will travel a short distance to the ancient Celtic and Roman city of Bath, where people journey for healing in the sacred waters of the Goddess Sulis Minerva. We will begin our day with a visit to the Thermae Bath Spa, where we can soak in the sacred mineral waters that have healed people in body, mind, and soul for over 2000 years.


Temple of Sulis Minerva

After our visit to the Thermae Spa, we will have a meal at one of the excellent restaurants in the old city center of Bath, then take a torchlit tour of the Temple of Sulis Minerva, now a museum. There, we will see ancient Celtic jewelry, Roman statues, lead curse tablets, coins, beads, and the holy spring from which thousands of people received healing over the many years this Temple was active.



July 29 In the wee hours of the morning we will drive to Salisbury Plain, and at dawn we will be welcomed into the center of the circle at Stonehenge, an incredible monument built by the pre-historic people of Britain. We will have the opportunity to take photos, sing or chant, meditate, and commune with the powerful energies there. Afterwards, we will pay a visit to a small and mysterious monument nearby called Woodhenge, which seems to have been a ceremonial ring of logs or tree trunks.


Avebury & Silbury Hill

After our visit to Woodhenge, we will journey onward to Avebury, where we can have lunch and walk among a large arrangement of stones that predates Stonehenge by 500 years. There is a fantastic, thatched-roof pub with delicious food and great ambience, as well as a few cute shops and a rural life museum we can check out. Nearby is a mysterious chalk mound called Silbury Hill that is also worth a look. After our big day, we will head home for an early night.

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Glastonbury Goddess Conference

July 30-Aug 4 A glowing gathering of Goddesses from all over the world! There will be beautiful rituals, illuminating workshops, a magical bonfire night, performances, an art gallery, and plenty of time to shop the Conference vendors and the metaphysical stores of Glastonbury. An unforgettable Goddess experience in a walkable and convivial town.

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Side excursions

Various During the week of the Goddess Conference, we will have a few fun side excursions, including a visit to the White Spring, a hike up the Tor, a tour of the Glastonbury Abbey, and a field trip to the Chalice Well. We can plan these activities in a relaxed and spontaneous way as we feel the call of each site.


Cerne Abbas

Aug 5 Cerne Abbas is an adorable village situated along the Cerne River (named for Cernunnos). There is an historic cemetery there with a wishing spring, a chalk statue of a giant man on a hill, and a yummy pub with great atmosphere. On our final day together, we will once again make offerings of gratitude to spirits of the land, and take care of last-minute trip details over a meal together, exchanging contact info and photo sharing methods.


Fly Away Home

Aug 6 We will drive everyone to the Bristol airport (BRS) in the morning to fly home. If you'd like to extend your stay in the UK, you will need to make private arrangements. We are happy to help and offer recommendations.


We will be staying at a gorgeous country residence halfway between Bristol and Glastonbury, where we can easily access the Glastonbury Goddess Conference as well as all of the other attractions we will be visiting. Most of our excursions are within 30-60 minutes drive from our guest house.

Prices for this trip are based on double occupancy for each room, with a total of 8 guests in the group. Sleeping arrangements include a shared bed in some rooms, and we will balance it so that family/good friends are rooming together in shared beds. The house has two levels and multiple areas for sitting and conversing, having a drink, reading, looking at tarot cards, or just communing with the spirits. Take a peek at the slideshow below for photos of our guest house.



Your trip fee includes 2 meals per day: breakfast and one other.

Every day, breakfast items will be provided including gluten-free and regular cereal, milk, vegan options, eggs, toast, coffee, tea, and fruit. You are welcome to cook and eat breakfast on your own or communally, as you wish. 

Lunch will typically occur while we are out sightseeing, and is included in your trip fee on the days of our excursions. During the Goddess Conference, you will be responsible for your own lunches.

Most nights, we will have communal dinner either dining out or at home after our outings. We can go to a grocery store so you can pick out food items that you will like as snacks and light meals on the go.

Price Details

The price for this trip is $2500 per person based on double occupancy. If you'd like to book, please see below.


  • pick-up and drop-off at Bristol Airport (BRS)

  • 2 meals per day

  • lodging in a shared room (double occupancy)

  • transportation

  • admission to Stonehenge, the Chalice Well, and the Spa and Museum at Bath

  • ticket to the Glastonbury Goddess Conference

  • pre-trip planning assistance


  • flights to and from Bristol Airport (BRS)

  • some food expenses (estimate $10-30 per day, depending on whether we want to eat pub fare or fancier meals, and on different areas having diverse prices.)

  • admission to additional sites & events (expect admission fees to be less than $100 total)

  • spending money

  • Personal expenses—bottled water, toiletries, offerings at sacred sites.

Terms of Service

1. Please read Terms of Service carefully. When you're ready to proceed, pay your non-refundable USD $500 deposit below to reserve your space.

2. We will pick you up at the Bristol Airport (BRS) on July 27. If you would like to arrive earlier, we are happy to help you find overnight lodging near Bristol. Your taxi and hotel fees will be your responsibility.

3. When your fee is received, you will be contacted by email to schedule a video meeting with Priestess Yeshe. The purpose of this meeting is to answer any questions you may have and to share information.

4. After you have paid the $500 deposit, please contact to discuss a payment plan that will work for you. The following plans are available: $500 non-refundable deposit plus 1 payment of $2000, 2 payments of $1000, 4 payments of $500, or 10 payments of $200.

5. You will receive health and travel guidelines, currency and insurance information, a packing list, and suggestions for making the most of your pilgrimage about a month before the trip. Yeshe is available to help you with other details or questions along the way. Yeshe will also share images and links in our trip Facebook group. 

6. If the pilgrimage is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances in the UK or the US, your deposit and trip fee will be refunded 90%, with 10% held to compensate for non-refundable fees we encounter during planning. Cancelling international flights will be your responsibility. 

7. If you wish to cancel your booking, please inform us as early as possible. Your deposit is your commitment- it is non-refundable. Cancellations after April 1, 2019 may not be refundable or may only be partially refundable if we cannot fill your space. We regret that we cannot be more flexible with refunds, even in the case of emergency.

8. Personal Liability: The Mt Shasta Goddess Temple acts solely as a tour guide for this trip. We are not responsible or liable for problems arising in flights, transportation, itinerary changes or circumstances beyond our control in the UK, nor for any loss, injury or damage to your person or property, nor for any delays in transportation. We reserve the right to cancel the trip or any part of it, to alter the itinerary if necessary or desirable, to refuse to retain any trip member at any time, and to pass on to trip members any unexpected expenses incurred through events beyond our control.

9. Please note that this trip:

  • requires physical and mental stamina

  • requires mindfulness of ourselves, others, our property, and our environment


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Avalon Adventure 2019 Deposit

Please make your $500 non-refundable deposit for Avalon Adventure 2019 here. This reserves your spot on the trip. After you have made your deposit, please contact Yeshe at to discuss a payment installment plan that works for you. Thank you!

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