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Advanced Shamanic Healing Intensive with Ness Bosch 4/15-16/19

In this Seminar we will work with Powerful Tibetan method of Shamanic Extractions and the  exclusive technique of Shamanic Records. 

The Tibetan Shamanic Extractions are an amazing tool to clear negativity and bad karma that Ness Bosch learned several years ago from Lama Tenzin Losel Amnra, who was the only person to share this kind of healing in the western world. A little later he retired teaching due to a personal illness, and made his few student the keepers of this knowledge and technique. He gave Ness his blessings to share it with us. In this workshop, she will be teaching this technique of Tibetan extraction as well as other types of extraction with Sound and Voice, we will be learning the power of some words to heal and clear energies. 

For those who know about and work with the Akashic Records, this work goes beyond the basics of Akashic work. The Shamanic Records training uses an advanced technique to extract negativity, where the practitioner learns via first-hand experience to collect information, channel, and process past lives and this life, which leads to a greater, faster healing. In this seminar we will learn this exclusive Shamanic Extraction work and the people attending this will be certified by Ness Bosch as the first group of Shamanic Records Guides, Level 1, in the USA carrying on the exclusive lineage of Ness Bosch and Lama Tenzin Losel Amnra.


Advanced Shamanic Healing Program

Day 1:
9:30 Arrival, Greetings, and Group Purification.
10:30 Introduction to Shamanic Healing and the Shamanic Work.
11:30  Shamanic Diagnosis
12:15 -Break-
12:30 Extractions Level 1
1:00  Tibetan Shamanic Extractions
2:00  Lunch Break
4:30  Practices and Voice Extractions. 
7:00 Journeys to meet Power Animal and Guardian of the Shamanic Worlds.


Day 2:
9:30: Ancestral Healing 
12:00 -Break-
12:15 Theory of Shamanic Records 1.
1:00 Practices for working with Shamanic Records
2:30 Offering to the Ancestors and Songs.

Closing and Presentation of Credentials.

Registration for this workshop will open soon. Please contact with any questions.