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Documenting Our Adventures

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Honoring Prajnaparamita

On Jan 1, Mt Shasta Goddess Temple members gathered to invoke the perfect wisdom of Prajnaparamita. We started the morning chanting in our pajamas-- beginning with our regular Kuan Yin practice and then moving on to a recitation of the Heart Sutra and chanting Prajnaparamita's praise poem and mantra. You can learn more about Prajnaparamita and the Temple's practice for perfect wisdom here.

Our guests for this retreat had a fun New Year's Eve experience- we lay in front of the fireplace and covered ourselves with 2 lbs of Botswana Agate! So soothing! Plans are in the works to purchase another 8 pounds of this yummy gem so that we can do this with even more stones next time. We all agreed that a bathtub full would be best.

After our practice, we attended a local film day hosted by the Mt Shasta Friends of Tibetan Culture, and watched two fascinating movies: "The Tibetan Book of the Dead" and "The Wheel of Rebirth." Following the movies, we headed up Mt Shasta and hung prayer flags in honor of the new year. May all beings benefit!