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Honoring Kuan Yin



February is the month of Kuan Yin at the Mt Shasta Goddess Temple. In celebration of this month, we invite temple members to honor Kuan Yin at their own altars with some of the activities featured here, and we also hope that Temple members might consider making a donation of a statue of Kuan Yin for the Temple's 1000 Kuan Yin project. We currently have 23 out of 1000 planned statues. If you'd like to donate a statue, please send it to:

Mt Shasta Goddess Temple
c/o Yeshe Matthews
4335 Gleaves Ave
Dunsmuir, CA 96025

If you have any questions about the 1000 Kuan Yin project, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to tell you more about it! Our goal is to create a space in Mt Shasta with 1000 statues of Kuan Yin so that the thousands of spiritual pilgrims who visit the area annually can spend time honoring the goddess of compassion at the base of the sacred mountain. 

One of our year-round Temple practices is daily chanting to Kuan Yin Monday-Friday via Priestess Yeshe's Facebook page. Tune in to participate whenever you wish, but February is an especially powerful month to join in! We are working toward a goal of 100,000 recitations of Kuan Yin's mantras, and we are currently at about 32,000 recitations, and counting!