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Oct 5 and 6: Special Concert and Dreaming Circle for Crete 2020

Mark your calendars for a very special weekend! Priestess Anique Radiant Heart of the Goddess Temple Maitland, Australia, will be in town offering two beautiful events.

Friday, Oct 5, 7pm: Concert with Anique at The Sacred Well in McCloud. 

Born singing, Anique has sung from her heart since she was 3 years old, bringing aunties and grandmothers to tears with her childish yet heart opening renditions of popular songs of the 40’s and 50’s.  In her teens, Anique won a national talent quest called OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS and went on to sing on programs like BANDSTAND and SATURDAY DATE.  She then went on to become an award winning jazz diva, and continued to sing professionally until her 50th birthday.  It was then that she dedicated her life to singing devotional music.

Having never been taught music in any form, Anique did not consider herself a songwriter, but when she began, during meditation, to receive transmissions in the form of beautiful songs and chants celebrating the Goddess, she decided that these expressions of Divinity were meant to be heard by all who love the Divine Feminine.

Her warm stage presence, superb voice and technical expertise ensure that her audiences are satisfied at every level. She oozes a genuine love of life and is so confident in her delivery,  that one feels they are in the presence of a world class performer. 

See a sample performance here:


Saturday, Oct 6, 10am-4pm: Dreaming Circle for Priestess Convocation in Crete 2020

The purpose of this Dreaming circle is to share the vision of the Global Priestess Convocation which will be held in Crete from the 2-9th October 2020. We will explore the vision already held by High Priestess Anique Radiant Heart, who is the presiding High Priestess at the Temple of the Global Goddess in Maitland, Australia. 

The session will be interactive and an opportunity for you to share your desires for a global gathering of this kind. There will also be the opportunity for you to support the convocation in the way which best suits your circumstances. 
This is one of many sessions which are being held around the world to support the dreaming and gathering of those devoted to and in service to the Goddess. 

Come share your ideas and show your support for the 2020 Priestess Convocation. 

For more information about these events please contact Yeshe Matthews on 510-355-7912 or