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Mayan Wisdom Teachings with Shuni Giron 11/16-17/18

Mayan Wisdom Teachings with Shuni Giron 11/16-17/18

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Join us for a very special weekend as we explore ancient Mayan ceremonies, rituals, and traditions with international recognized spiritual leader and teacher Mayan Ajq'iij and spiritual guide Nan Shuni Giron from Guatemala as she shares the ancient Maya wisdom of the sacred used of Cacao and Teonanacatl Medicine of Mesoamerica. 

This Ancestral Medicine was identified as the food that generates the God Within; the food that connects with your divine innocent inner child.

These types of ancient ceremony were used for many healing rituals and many different sacred ceremonies. But mostly, it was used to help people suffering from illness such as depression, fears, confusion, resentment, stress, addictions of all kinds, and other negative behaviors. 

Come join us for a genuine, unique, and highly trans formative ceremony as we come together to work consciously, individually, and collectively allowing ourselves to enter higher realms with the Teonanacatl and Cacao to help heal our hearts and minds at all levels: Physical, spiritual, emotional, mental and energetic. 

Our weekend together is full of amazing workshops, rituals, ceremonies, and private healing consultations/sessions. You can come to all of our offerings or select the ones that you feel most called to experience. 

Weekend Schedule of Offerings:

Friday November 16
7 pm 9 - Presentation 
Mesoamerican Shamanism: the sacred used of Entheogenic plants by Mayas and Aztecs 
Suggested love donation $50

Saturday, November 17
6 am Mayan Sun gazing techniques & Renewal exercises
Suggested love donation $50

8 am Mayan Sacred Mudras
Suggested Love donations $50

10-12 am Learning to use the Mayan calendars for conscious modern living
Suggested love Donation $50

2-4 Mayan Dream time 
Suggested love donation $50

6pm - pm Main cacao/mushroom ceremony 
The Sacred Fire Ixcacao & Teonanacatl Ceremony 
Price $125 6 hrs
We begin the first 2 hours with Mayan Traditional Fire Ixcacao Ceremony. Then we we will continue with our Teonanacatl (optional) ceremony. We will spend the next two hours solo journeying and then two hours together with the group for collective healing. 

Afterwards we will have a pot luck feast together.

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