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The Mt Shasta Goddess Temple is supported by the generosity of our Temple members and by our sponsor The Sacred Well. We pour love and beauty into everything we do here, and our members craft gorgeous products to help sustain our activities. In our Temple gift shop you will find items that have been created by our members, or as part of a project. We make them available here so that you can share in the beauty, too.

We create baths, anointing oils, holy waters, gem and flower essences, jewelry, candles, and other magical items as part of our regular ritual activities, usually during our Full and Dark Moon ceremonies. If you are a member of the Temple, you are welcome to attend our events and participate in this co-creation. Enjoy our offerings below, and let us know if you’d like us to create something special for you!

Skydancer Series Citrine Mala

Click the image above to see more photos of this extraordinary tool for spiritual connection and evolution.

Each month, Priestess Aisling crafts a new hand-knotted mala using the crystals that the Temple associates with each of our 13 Goddesses. The crystal for the month of May, the month of Oshun, is citrine. This exquisite mala was made with:

  • silk cord, hand-knotted with mantras recited over each knot

  • beautiful, A+ quality faceted citrine beads and amber accents, with a hand-cast Anne Choi guru bead in silver with sunflower detail. The beads for these malas are charged under Full and Dark Moons, and have accumulated the energies of our daily devotional practice when Priestess Yeshe uses them for her chanting.

  • a lush, soft, handmade silk tassel

  • your mala arrives packed in its own box filled with flower petals, with a storage pouch, all tied together with a ribbon of hand-dyed silk

This gorgeous, one-of-a-kind mala will make an amazing, artistic, soul-connected ritual tool for the person who chooses it as a devotional item. The durable silk cord will last for years of frequent use, and should your mala ever need to be restrung or repaired, Priestess Aisling will tend it with the same loving care with which she crafted it.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this mala will benefit the Mt Shasta Goddess Temple, helping us to serve the needs of Goddess devotees with educational, spiritual, and ritual offerings.

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Barefoot Priestess Salt Soak

On the eve of the Dark Moon in May, a group of Priestesses gathered and crafted this divine herbal bath in honor of Aphrodite. Each 8-oz jar contains Epsom salts, Himalayan salt, our amazing Barefoot Priestess oil, lavender, chamomile, rose petals, and biodegradable glitter. The scent is light, fresh, and herbal, with notes of sandalwood, tobacco, and sage. This jar contains enough bath salts for 2-3 tub baths or 6-7 foot baths, and was created to help you walk in beauty and love.

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