Mt Shasta Goddess Temple


The Deer Mother



Queen of the Tundra


The Mt Shasta Goddess Temple dedicates December to The Deer Mother

Force of nature, force of life, traveller between worlds, adorned with stars and twilight, the Deer Mother is a spirit known by many names, in many cultures. She is often found in myths around women’s childbirth, women’s freedom from oppression, and natural healing. She is the shamanic guide who carries the priestess between the worlds to commune with spirits and visit with the ancestors. She is the one who knowns where to find the magical mushrooms deep within the forest. Her soft fur is the best defense against the bitter cold of northern winter.

When the Deer Mother appears in your life, she arrives gently, and then persistently nibbles at your consciousness until you pay attention to her. Don’t be surprised if she gazes into your soul with her large, liquid eyes.

Ideas for honoring the Deer Mother, Shamanka:

 -donate money to protect tundra lands and indigenous reindeer herders’ way of life

-pay attention to your home and hearth

-prepare a delicious dish using mushrooms

-perform a shamanic drum journey

-drive less, to reduce global warming

-support local environmental initiatives

-learn more about the benefits of tiny living

-consider planning a trip to a sacred destination

Praise for The Deer Mother

When the Deer Mother ascends the mountain, victorious in her splendor,
she brings with her the elixir of the forest.
With precious incense, fragrant and sweetly scented,
the mountain is purified!
The land is purified!
The waters are purified!
The animals are purified!
The deities are purified!
The spirits are purified!
My ancestors are purified!
My family is purified!
My friends are all purified!
My children are purified!
My loved ones are all purified!
Their life force is purified!
My life force is purified!
All things are purified!
The unseen realms are purified!
Obstacles are removed,
wounds are healed,
good words are spoken!
All is purified, is purified, is purified!

-by Priestess Yeshe Matthews

The shamanic animal for December is Reindeer.

Reindeer represents family, hearth, travel, shamanic journeys, fertility, women’s birth wisdom, and peace. Our Full Moon journey for members evokes these themes.