Mt Shasta Goddess Temple


Black Madonna


Grace & Service

Ave Maria, Gratia Plena


The Mt Shasta Goddess Temple dedicates June to The Black Madonna.

Oshun is 

Ideas for honoring Oshun, Orisha of Love, wealth, and beauty:


-learn the art of simple cowrie divination

I bow to Oshun ...

There is no place where it is not known that Oshun is as powerful as a king

She dances and takes the crown

She dances without asking ...

She arrives and trouble is appeased

She shakes her bracelets to come to dance

She dances in the depths of richness

The water sounds like the bracelets of Oshun

We call her and she answers with wisdom

She can do what the doctor can't

The Goddess who heals with cold water

We can stay in the world without fear.

Lovingly, with laughter and joy Oshun calls us to The Dance ...

- Yoruba praise song to Oshun

The shamanic animal for April is serpent.

Bee represents sweetness, nectar of life, industriousness, queenliness, community, and swift movement. Our Full Moon journey for members evokes these themes.