Mt Shasta Goddess Temple


Baba Yaga


Heart of the Forest

Sister of the mushrooms and weeds


The Mt Shasta Goddess Temple dedicates JuLY to Baba Yaga.

Baba Yaga is the wise woman who lives at the edge of the forest, making friends with the plants and animals, darting among the trees, and dancing under the moon. She is the spry, cackling crone who doesn’t mince words and who knows ancient and secret incantations. Her retinue includes the horsemen of the Bright Dawn, Red Sun, and Black Midnight who govern the process of the day. Around her chicken-legged hut we find a fence made of chattering skulls with fire in their eye sockets. She is accompanied by frogs and spiders. Her medicine is powerful: the right dose will heal you, the wrong dose is poison. Baba Yaga is also the one who shows us how our society projects fearsome qualities upon elder women of power. Why? Because she is so strong, so smart, and so ferocious she needs no outside validation. If you approach her with respect, she might help you. But if you approach her with mockery or presumption, watch out! Her teeth and wit are sharp!

Ideas for honoring Baba Yaga, Wild Woman:

 -make and drink a nourishing herbal brew

-take a mycology class or go foraging for mushrooms

-perform a spell to right the wrongs in your past

-speak your truth, even if it’s frightening

-wear skull jewelry or clothing printed with skulls

-let the spider in your bathroom or closet live there

-spend time with crones

-read the words of elder women who dared to live according to their own rules

-go for long walks in the forest

-do something that scares you

Praise for Baba Yaga

Crone Mother
Bone Mother
Healer, Seer, Witch
Secret Keeper
Screech Owl
Mighty Wolf Bitch
Baba Yaga, Bright Dawn
Baba Yaga, Red Sun
Baba Yaga, Midnight
Baba Yaga, Black Sky Woman
Keep me safe within your sight
Keep me on the path of right

-composed by Temple priestess Yeshe Matthews

The shamanic animal for July is Tiger

Tiger represents ferocity, hunger, passion, fearlessness, assertiveness, directness, and risk-taking. Our Full Moon journey for members evokes these themes.