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Santa Muerte

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La Niña Blanca

¡Se ve, se siente, La Santa está presente!


The Mt Shasta Goddess Temple dedicates November to Santa Muerte

She opens her arms to all, she accepts all, she embraces all, she relieves all pain, she offers an end to struggle, she ensures that souls return to the great Oneness Light of all being. She is mourning and celebration, laughter and tears, color and absence of color. La Santa is a contradiction: sometimes loved, sometimes feared. She peeks out from behind burned trees after a forest fire, sits and dangles her feet from gravestones, and waves at you as she stands outside a hospital. Many human beings fear the final unknown, but what if we learned to love her instead?

Santa Muerte is a Mexican folk saint whose worship has gone global, with roots in the Aztec goddess of the underworld, Mictecacihuatl, as well as with the Spanish Grim Reaperess, La Parca. Death is a universalizing force, the one thing that all human beings have in common. She deserves our attention and respect. If she is your ally, you have nothing to fear.

Ideas for honoring Santa Muerte, Bone Mother:

 -prepare an offering of tequila, a cigar or herbal smoking blend, salt, chocolate, and flowers for her

-visit a cemetery and commune with the ancestors there, listening for their stories

-take good care of your bones, get plenty of calcium

-bring flowers to give to the dementia ward of a nursing home, or to individuals who do not have visitors

-donate money to help individuals who are seeking protection and amnesty on the Mexico-US Border

-Call the people you love and tell them so

-learn the difference between Santa Muerte and La Catrina

-educate yourself about the myths and experiences of Santa Muerte’s devotees

Praise for Santa Muerte

Madre mia Santa Muerte
Ante las dificultades de la vida, ayúdame
En mis desaciertos, ilumina me
En mis soledades, acompañe me
En los horas difíciles, fortalece me
En mas tentaciones, defiende me
En las penas y tristezas, consúela me
Con inmenso poder, protégeme
Con tu infinito amor, amame
Con tu gran bondad, mirame,
Con tu mano providente, guíame
Asi sea por siempre

-Author Unknown

The shamanic animal for November is Owl.

Owl represents silent knowing, endings, wisdom, perceptivity, listening, swift change, and transformation. Our Full Moon journey for members evokes these themes.