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Infinite Harmony



The Mt Shasta Goddess Temple dedicates September to Magu.

Maiden Magu is the Chinese Taoist Immortal of longevity, prophecy, history, and hemp. Cannabis is sacred to her, as are deer, egrets, and peaches. Her path is the “Way of Infinite Harmony” and she is honored for her commitment to freeing people from that which enslaves them. It is said that when the Immortals gathered for a feast, Magu prepared a special longevity wine and gave it to Xi Wangmu, the great Empress of the Western Heaven. Xi Wangmu was so impressed with the elixir that she granted Magu immortality.

It is said that although she appears to be young in her images and statues, Magu has seen the Eastern sea fill and dry up many times, each transformation taking thousands of years. She is a goddess of time and pleasure.

Ideas for honoring Magu, She of Infinite Hramony:

 -prepare something made from peaches, or steep peaches in white wine

-light incense or other smoke offerings in her honor

-smoke or consume cannabis in a reverent manner

-advocate for the decriminalization of hemp and cannabis, and the release from prison of those who were arrested for possessing it

-volunteer at a cancer hospice or animal shelter

-read the Tao Te Ching

-look at images of deer

-using a mala, or prayer beads, chant “Magu Xian Shou” 108 times (pronounced MAH-GOO SHAN SHOE)

Praise for Magu

The Goddess does dwell within the plant co-terminus;
One and the same being.
The Goddess-Plant and her transformative properties…
Upon ingestion of the plant as food, smoke, or extracted substance
there is a mystical union with the Princess of Cannabis, Magu.
In this most sacred and holy state
the devotee can discover the true nature of the world
and the true nature of the self.

-From The Way of Infinite Harmony

The shamanic animal for September is egret

Egret represents mystic wisdom, purity, long life, bringing forth light, good fortune, grace, and curiosity. Our Full Moon journey for members evokes these themes.