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Skydancer Center for Female Mysticism

The Mt Shasta Goddess Temple invites individuals and groups to learn about the historical and contemporary beliefs and practices of holy women, shamankas, priestesses, healers, and devotees. Our Skydancer Center for Female Mysticism offers local and online classes, workshops, lectures, ceremonies, and gatherings that support women’s mysteries, rituals, and ways of knowing. Our special focus is placed on practices rooted in the female body, its unique rites of passage, and its intuitive nature.

Female Mysticism is where women of spirit from all over the world can find mutual respect, exchange, appreciation, inspiration, and common ground. The Skydancer Center is a meeting ground for Buddhist dharma teachings, female shamanism and indigenous wisdom, curanderismo, Ifa and African diaspora spirituality, modern Goddess spirituality, and more. Some of our classes and workshops are open to all, and some are for women only. We welcome guest speakers and ceremonialists from all over the world to offer classes, rituals and retreats locally in Mt Shasta.

Priestesses in the Mt Shasta Goddess Temple complete two years of training in the Skydancer Center’s Priestess Training program, learning about the roots and branches of ancient and contemporary women’s mysteries, before beginning individual leadership projects of their own.

“Woman is, by nature, a shaman.”
-Chukchee Proverb

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Upcoming Events


Watching the Clock: Space, Time, & Decolonizing the Mind

In this educational video series, Priestess Yeshe interviews female scholars and shamanic practitioners about the sacred nature of time. We are deeply conditioned to watching the clock and checking our calendars, but what if we weren’t? Or, what if time and days meant something entirely different than they do according to the Gregorian calendar? If we choose to observe time and days through indigenous and ancient lenses, our entire relationship to space, meaning, and life changes, and it is a good thing.

The Skydancer Center for Female Mysticism, part of the Mt Shasta Goddess Temple, presents Priestess Yeshe Matthews interviewing Mayan Aj'qi'j Shuni Giron about the Mayan Sacred Count of Days. In this video, Giron offers the basic explanation of the Mayan Calendar, its components and history, and its importance in helping to decolonize the modern mind.
The Skydancer Center of the Mt Shasta Goddess Temple presents Priestess Yeshe Matthews interviewing Helen Hye-Sook Hwang about her work preserving and propagating Mago Time: a matri-focal shamanistic approach to our daily lives. Hwang unpacks cosmic concepts of space and time, sharing her beautiful and compassionate vision of the Goddess in the context of WE-HERE-NOW.

Wisdomkeepers Series

Wisdomkeepers is a collection of interviews with female elders, spiritual practitioners, priestesses, scholars, and diviners. It is the mission of the Skydancer Center to uplift their voices and preserve their vision so that the next generation of priestesses and healers can benefit from their experience, teachings, and work. Below, please find the interviews we have conducted to date. If there is a female elder or priestess you think we should interview for this series, please let us know by using our Contact page. Thank you fir your support and interest in our Wisdomkeepers.

The Skydancer Center of the Mt Shasta Goddess Temple proudly presents this interview with Yeye Luisah Teish: Yoruba Chief, Diviner, Ifa Priestess, and grandmother of Orisa religion in the United States. Yeye is known worldwide for her wit, magic, and humor, which she shares in this video, along with information about the Odu divination system. Our gratitude to Yeye for this installment of our Wisdomkeepers video series.

Take Flight With Us

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Woman Shaman Priestess

In the Woman Shaman Priestess training program, students learn about practices of women’s spirituality and female mysteries in a global context. Each month a theme relevant to women’s shamanism, mysticism, and spiritual service is featured and examples from world cultures are offered, including information about living lineages and traditions. Students in the course read articles, create invocations and songs, craft their own sacred tools, and deepen their practices. They are also encouraged to participate in Full and Dark Moon online ceremonies, in-person retreats, and to embrace their natural magical abilities.


Guest Teachers

Guest teachers from around the world come to sacred Mt Shasta to share their wisdom and practices, to explore the holy mountain, and to connect with the power of nature. The Skydancer Center welcomes women who hold spiritual lineages, who carry ancestral practices, or who have developed new work relevant to female mysteries to apply to offer programs and teachings. Our Center can help you secure the right space for your event, publicize your offering, and provide practical guidance about lodging, dining, and teaching here. Please fill out our interest form if you’d like to offer a class, ceremony or retreat through the Skydancer Center.