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Priestess Training

Come Home to the Goddess Within

Woman Shaman Priestess:
Training in the ways of Natural Female Power

The river of life is always changing. 
Mud on the banks gives way, pools deepen and swirl, stones tumble. 
A bend is worn away, and the water flows faster.
A boulder moves one inch, resulting in a new splash pattern.
A tree trunk falls across the span, creating a natural dam.

Some change is spontaneous, some change is volitional.

Our planet is calling for change. Our hearts are yearning for change.
We hear the call to become agents of change.
And the most important change begins within.

Our ancestors developed technologies for working with change:
meditations, visionary journeys, purifications, and ceremonies.

When there is unrest in our lives and world, there is unrest in the numinous realms.
When our spirits are ill at ease, we suffer.
When our guardians and guides are not receiving the attention they deserve, we get lost.
When we fail to practice, we miss an opportunity to cultivate life force.
When peace is possible in one world, peace is possible in all worlds.
As above, so below. 

How often do we turn away from the simplicity and honesty of ancient and time-tested ways,
abandoning ourselves to a convoluted and vexing world?
How often do we chase fantasy and myth when we actually crave the substance of authentic spiritual practice?

Today, many of us hunger for greater intimacy with nature and the spirits as a balm to our turbulent inner dialogue.
We reach out for a variety of things to quell the desire: food, sex, TV, the phone, alcohol...

None of these things will satisfy the yearning that can only be fulfilled
when we can stand quietly, humbly, barefoot, and skin-to-skin with Mother Earth in the witness of our ancestors.

The Woman Shaman Priestess Training Program is about coming home to yourself.

Instructor Yeshe Matthews knows what it feels like to be a "hungry ghost" searching through a hell of one’s own making for hollow comforts amidst the chaos, finding that nothing helps except spaciousness, the wildness of nature, and freedom of the soul. 

Have you been there? Are you fed up with feeling anxious, exhausted, and hungry for peace?

Are you ready to work with your female power, the spirit world, your lineage, and your relationship to the Earth in a deeper way?

Yeshe offers Woman Shaman Priestess training for women who are ready to make a significant change in their lives, to listen their bodies, to connect with their natural female power, and to give 100% of their magic to spiritual wholeness for the benefit of all beings. The Woman Shaman Priestess journey can help you flow like a river and change your own life dramatically by deeply attuning to nature, healing practices, Goddess, innate female wisdom, and magic.

You can do this.

Healing the Self and the Earth won’t happen overnight, nor will they happen if we keep doing the same things we have always done. Healing requires time, energy, and dedication. 
This 12-month program is designed to help you make real changes and real magic in real time.

It's potent and demanding, and you won't regret it.

peace tree.jpg

Connect with Tools & Practices

Yes, there is a Spirit in the body of the drum carved out of the trunk of a tree; there is a Spirit in the skin of the drum itself. All this, plus the Spirit of the person playing the drum, becomes an irresistible force against any immovable object.

– Babatunde Olatunj, Nigerian drummer, educator, and social activist (1927-2003)


Connect with Lineage

The first sound we hear in the womb is our mother's heartbeat…And this pulse is the thread of blood that runs all the way back through the grandmothers to the first mother. We all share the blood of the first mother - we are truly children of one blood.

– Layne Redmond, American drummer, writer, and mythologist (1952-2013)

White Mantra Mother 2.jpeg

Connect with Yourself

Confess your hidden faults.
Approach what you find repulsive.
Help those you think you cannot help.
Anything you are attached to, give that.
Go to the places that scare you.

- Machig Labdrön, Tibetan female mystic, teacher, and tantrika (1055-1149)


You are invited to this lastingly transformative work, if your spirit is calling for the kind of wisdom that only the Earth and women’s mysteries can offer. This is a path for the woman who has looked at the bottom of her own soul, and who is ready to be reunited with her deep, innate power, her courageous heart, and her intuitive, mystic vision. Is it time for this work in your life?

 Woman Shaman Priestess training features:

  • a global overview of women’s shamanic tools and techniques

  • historical information about women’s shamanic practices and shamanistic cultures worldwide

  • specific focus on past and living lineages of female practitioners and female leadership

  • guided and independent opportunities to practice shamanic techniques

  • path workings and online ceremonies

  • communion with animal guides

  • herbal preparations and purification techniques

  • sacred songs

  • a private Facebook for inspirational shares

  • monthly video conferences with the group

  • text support from Yeshe

  • optional sessions and divinations with Yeshe

  • an optional winter retreat in Mt. Shasta

During the course of this Priestess training, you will come into awareness of your lineage, connect with your ancestors, create habits of reverence for your own sacred body and the Earth, learn to listen to your animal knowing, and cultivate life force to benefit yourself and the other beings in the visible and numinous realms.

With a Master's degree in Women's History, a spiritual focus on shamanic practices, and a deep connection to the natural world, Yeshe Matthews brings over a decade of experience as a Priestess, professional diviner, and ritual facilitator to her teaching. Yeshe trains Priestesses to access their magical potential and create positive change via ancient and modern methods of inquiry, spiritual exercises, and ecstatic devotion. Dedicated, practical, and discerning, Yeshe helps female agents of change activate and focus their power.

Yeshe is a life-long learner, creative contemplative, and inspired teacher. Her devotion to Goddess, in all Her manifestations, is apparent in her powerful rituals, introspective and scholarly writings, social justice work, and visionary aspirations for the Mount Shasta Goddess Temple. I personally have deepened my connection with Goddess, through my study with Yeshe, especially how to integrate the sacred and mundane aspects of my life. Her intuitive wise counsel and divinations are spot-on, and she seeks to empower her students, and those she reads for, to reach their highest potential. My practice with the SkyDancer Sangha, and the year-long Deer Mother Priestess Training, have been life-changing. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking sacred space for their personal growth in a nurturing, compassionate environment. — Heather

Please prepare to spend time each week reading and digesting the lessons, and trying the practices that are offered as part of this course. You will find yourself moving slowly and sustainably through subtle but effective techniques, building capacity, relationships, and respect with practices and spirits. This course helps introduce you to new ways of thinking about reality and your power to commune with it, influence it, and shape it with benevolence toward all beings (including yourself).

The next year-long Woman Shaman Priestess journey begins January 2020. 

We will have both online and local gatherings for this class in 2020. Lessons will be delivered via email, while classes, Full Moon ceremonies, and Dark Moon ceremonies will be available both online via video and in-person near Mt Shasta. Whether you live locally or at a distance, there are options for you.

How to join the Woman Shaman Priestess Training Program:

Class fees for the Woman Shaman Priestess program are collected through the Mt Shasta Goddess Temple Patreon account. This will mean that tuition comes automatically out of your account or on your card on the 1st of each month.

If you'd like to sign on for Woman Shaman Priestess 2020, please visit the Patreon page here to sign up between Dec 1-Dec 30:

Create a Login and password, and then scroll down the Temple's page on the right until you see Woman Shaman Priestess ($60 per month), or if you prefer to have the class plus a monthly Session with Yeshe, sign up for the Mandala of the Heart ($108 per month).

If you want to only have sessions every once in a while, not every month, please schedule these using our regular scheduler:

It is recommended that you have at least three sessions in the year: at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end. This will help you identify key themes and gifts that are emerging during your training.

If you give yourself one gift in 2020, give yourself this journey. It will equip you with a set of skills, tools, and perspectives that can help you achieve your goals. Students in years past wrote books, started organizations and circles, improved their health, launched new relationships, and identified their personal gifts with greater precision than ever before. This program is all about your magic, your power, and your ability to live a life of your own design, as an embodiment of Goddess on Earth. If it's time for you to claim your seat at the table of ancient future wisdom, sister, please come join us.