Mt Shasta Goddess Temple

Priestess Training Year TWO

Flight of the Skydancer


Flight of the Skydancer is the second spiral of the Priestess Training with the Mt Shasta Goddess Temple, led by Priestess Yeshe Matthews. In the first year, students build a set of personal skills and tools, make connections with allies and guides, and develop their personal abilities to cleanse, purify, journey, and create meaningful personal ceremonies. The first year is all about releasing the past and envisioning a vivid plan for your life, your potential, and your service to the Goddess.

During the second year of training, Flight of the Skydancer, students refine the use of their tools and gifts with earned confidence, expanded proficiency, and intuitive flow, developing their own workings and special projects as they take the next steps toward manifesting their visions for a path of personal and community service .

Flight of the Skydancer helps you build the Temple of your heart:

  • making deeper connections with ancestors and honored heroines

  • learning to design and lead different types of personal and group ceremonies

  • expanding your repertoire of oracular and divinatory skills

  • achieving greater comfort and efficacy with tools

  • connecting more closely with spirit allies, teachers, and guides

  • becoming more courageous in offering services and guidance to others

  • opening to the mysteries of Goddess with greater trust

  • learning to see the world through the eyes of magic


Goddess and Ancestor Reverence

Having made a year of offerings and connections with various spirit beings, the second year lineage work is about deepening your connection with personal goddesses and holy women in the unseen world who help guide you in your calling. Each month, you will continue and deepen your work with the Temple’s 13 Goddesses and with unique Ancestresses. You will create paths of reverence in honor of the women who represent a living or historical lineage of women’s magic, and who serve as special patrons for women’s needs. Through this work, your connections with the unseen world will grow stronger and more flavorful as you begin to identify the many ways that Goddesses and guides are communicating with you every day. By the end of the year, each Priestess will establish a strong, avowed relationship with the Goddesses and Ancestresses who will guide her in her spiritual service to her community.


Advanced tools

Students in the second year spiral will work with your existing first year tools in rituals and ceremonies, and new tools will be introduced into the program, including shamanic spoons, blessed blades, a staff, and a melting pot. Students will be invited to develop greater skill and familiarity with the tools you consecrated in the first year, cultivating relationships with the in-dwelling spirit of each tool you use and coming to adopt and adapt the basic practices you’ve been taught, making them more personal. The tool and the Priestess have a connection: in the Priestess’ hand, the tool gains power and life force to do its work. Students will learn to focus and channel universal light and life force through your tools so that you are not drawing on your personal life force to accomplish your activities, but are instead bringing sacred light through the vessel of your being.


Crafts & rituals

In the Flight of the Skydancer Priestess training, second-spiral students are encouraged to attend and help occasionally co-lead the Temple’s online Full Moon and Dark Moon ceremonies. You will also design in-person ceremonies you will offer at your own altars and for others, and learn more advanced shamanic techniques that you can use to find safety, guidance, healing, and relief. There will be projects that involve crafting with magical items such as poppets, holy waters, beeswax, blessed stones, and herbal potions for use in your personal and public work, and you will connect with plant and tree spirits as allies in your shamanic rituals. You will also develop a more detailed view of your personal service to the Goddess and the world. By the end of the year, you will commit to a self-designed project that you will launch upon your certification as a Priestess graduate of the Mt Shasta Goddess Temple’s training program. Thereafter, you will have the option of further support for your personal leadership in our Council of Wisewomen program for graduates.


Flight of the Skydancer training is similar in structure to Woman Shaman Priestess training. It involves six lessons per month, with three lessons focused on objects, ceremonies, techniques, and recipes, as well as three lessons focused on Ancestresses. Students in the second spiral of the training also receive reminders of key messages from the first spiral in their lessons, to help them develop a layered sense of the lessons. The group will have one video class per month, as in the first year, where you deepen your understanding of your tools, perform ceremonies together, and connect with the course material. In addition to the coursework, second-year students will each be expected to co-lead circles in the Temple to demonstrate ceremonial proficiency. You will be welcome to choose from the Temple’s Full Moon and Dark Moon ceremonies for your service.

To qualify for Flight of the Skydancer Training, you must have successfully completed the Woman Shaman Priestess year. This course is open to all who have made the first-year journey with the Temple, and who are ready to move on and take their practice to the next level. If you have any questions about this training, please discuss them with Yeshe.

To sign on for the second year of the training, there is a $150 commitment that will include a session with Yeshe and course materials. Thereafter, the monthly fee for Flight of the Skydancer Training is $65. If you’d like one-on-one sessions with Yeshe as well, the monthly fee is $108. Please fill out the form below to receive more information if you’d like to continue your training as a Skydancer Priestess of the Mt Shasta Goddess Temple.

When you arrive at the extinction of reality, there is nothing but the spontaneity of pure potential. There is no other way to dance in the sky.
-Yeshe Tsogyal, 8th Century Tibetan female buddha

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