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Clan of the Huesera Training with Ness Bosch 4/13-14/19
to Apr 14

Clan of the Huesera Training with Ness Bosch 4/13-14/19

Women are welcome to an Intensive 2 days of training in Medicine Circles of La Huesera Clan, a sacred process for women who want to learn to lead deep healing circles created by Spanish Chamána Ness Bosch. Huesera means “whisperer,” and Ness will offer wisdom from her tradition of healing and women’s magic.

If you and your sisterhood feel ready to move beyond the paradigm of simple Women’s Circles, and yearn to create opportunities for a shamanic deep dive to Heal the Female Soul, this training can help you. In this Seminar we will explore 3 of the 8 modules in the Clan of the Huesera training program. Once women have completed this training weekend, they will know how to perform the rituals and practices of the following paths:

Entry into the Circle of the Blood: This training features specialized rituals and ceremonies for girls who receive their first moon or women who want to heal their relationship with their menstrual cycle. These sacred rites of passage, which have been lost in our modern cultures, give girls and women a sense of peace and power to work with the changes in their bodies and their lives.

Circle of Frog Medicine: One of the Huesera Clan's Deepest Circles, this training designed for women who want to heal the Ancestral Wounds related to uterine problems, abortions, difficult or traumatic births, and similar challenges. In this Circle we deeply cleanse, heal and bless our wombs and the ancestral memory womb scars that we carry.

Owl Medicine Circle: In this special circle we work on the conclusion of relations, learning to cut the bonds in an appropriate way and to clear blockages so we are really free to open to new relationships. This is a particularly liberating and cleansing circle that can help us to heal not only love relationship but former friendships, business partnerships, and other interpersonal dynamics.


In this training, you will receive the healing medicine of the Huesera, and also learn to perform this type of healing using the tools and methods of the Huesera Lineage. After your training weekend, you will be certified to use these methods and practices to help others heal the Ancestral Memories carried in the womb and the blood.

This training includes:

  • Dossiers of Work, featuring the tools and healing practices used by Clan of the Huesera

  • Exercises to take home and use with others

  • Dossier of Medicine Songs of the Huesera Clan to share in your Circles

  • Certification in the lineage of the Huesera

Clan of the Huesera Weekend

Day 1:

9.30 Arrival. Presentations and Purification.
10:30 Introduction Circle of Medicine of the Clan of the Huesera and Shamanic Healing.
11:30 Power Animal Search
12:15 -Break-
12:30 Search of the Guardian
1:00 First Healing of Lineage.
2:00 pm Lunch Break
4:30 Circle of Medicine of the Frog of the Huesera.

Theory and Practice until the end of the Day.

Day 2:

9.30: Entry into the Circle of the Blood: Theory and Practice throughout the morning.
1:00 pm: Second Healing of Lineage.
2:00 pm: Lunch Break
4:30 pm: Circle of Medicine of the Owl's Medicine. Theory and practice.

 Offering to the Ancestors and Songs. Closing of the Seminar at the End of the Day.

About Ness Bosch:

Founder and Mentor of the Clan of the Bones Whisperer (La Huesera): Shamanic Mysteries of the Feminine © and the Clan of the Sons of Thunder: Shamanic Mysteries of the Masculine©.

Founder and Mentor of the Path of the Moon: Shamanic Healing Techniques. She is a Sun Dancer, Carrier of Chanupa (Sacred Pipe) and holds a Buffalo Horn.

Founder of her own Shamanic Medicine School she has developed the Technique of Shamanic Records to heal Past Lives and The Shamanic Rainbow Reiki System.

Witch, Sea Priestess; Founder and Head of the Temple of the Waters and the Covenant of the Waters.

Founded the Sanctuary of Hekate Thethys Krataiis which published the First Devotional Guide on the Goddess Hekate in Spanish.

Head of the Granada Goddess Temple in Granada, Spain.

Priestess Hierophant of the Fellowship of Isis. She holds the House of Love and Thunder, Iseum of the Power of the Heart and the House of the Fountain of Life, Lyceum of the Waters of Fire in Granada.

Archdruidess of the Clan of Dana of the Fellowship of Isis she holds the Grove of Excalibur and the Lady of the Lake in Granada.

Dame Commander of the FOI also, she holds the Priory of the Universal Waters in Granada. The First Priory of the FOI in Spain.

Member of Grove of Dana and Druid Network.

Member of the Lyceum Domus Sophiae Terrae et Sanctae Gradalis founded by Caitlin and John Matthews.

Co-founder of the Temple of Hathor and creator of the Hathor © Priesthood.

Ness is the Publisher of the Magazines: AQVAE and is a regular contributor to Ser Pagano magazine.

Professor of Crystal Therapy and Crystal Alchemy. Holistic Therapist, Master in Reiki Usui - Tibetan, Magnified Healing Teacher and other healing modalities.

She Organized the Online International Symposium of the FOI - Fellowship of Isis in Spring '18.

At the present time she is sharing her teaching and workshops all over Europe as well as working in 3 Publishing Projects, a Book on Shamanism, another on Hekate and a water Oracle.

Proud mom of 2 children

Registration for this course will open soon. Please email to reserve your space.

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Advanced Shamanic Healing Intensive with Ness Bosch 4/15-16/19
to Apr 16

Advanced Shamanic Healing Intensive with Ness Bosch 4/15-16/19

In this Seminar we will work with Powerful Tibetan method of Shamanic Extractions and the  exclusive technique of Shamanic Records. 

The Tibetan Shamanic Extractions are an amazing tool to clear negativity and bad karma that Ness Bosch learned several years ago from Lama Tenzin Losel Amnra, who was the only person to share this kind of healing in the western world. A little later he retired teaching due to a personal illness, and made his few student the keepers of this knowledge and technique. He gave Ness his blessings to share it with us. In this workshop, she will be teaching this technique of Tibetan extraction as well as other types of extraction with Sound and Voice, we will be learning the power of some words to heal and clear energies. 

For those who know about and work with the Akashic Records, this work goes beyond the basics of Akashic work. The Shamanic Records training uses an advanced technique to extract negativity, where the practitioner learns via first-hand experience to collect information, channel, and process past lives and this life, which leads to a greater, faster healing. In this seminar we will learn this exclusive Shamanic Extraction work and the people attending this will be certified by Ness Bosch as the first group of Shamanic Records Guides, Level 1, in the USA carrying on the exclusive lineage of Ness Bosch and Lama Tenzin Losel Amnra.


Advanced Shamanic Healing Program

Day 1:
9:30 Arrival, Greetings, and Group Purification.
10:30 Introduction to Shamanic Healing and the Shamanic Work.
11:30  Shamanic Diagnosis
12:15 -Break-
12:30 Extractions Level 1
1:00  Tibetan Shamanic Extractions
2:00  Lunch Break
4:30  Practices and Voice Extractions. 
7:00 Journeys to meet Power Animal and Guardian of the Shamanic Worlds.


Day 2:
9:30: Ancestral Healing 
12:00 -Break-
12:15 Theory of Shamanic Records 1.
1:00 Practices for working with Shamanic Records
2:30 Offering to the Ancestors and Songs.

Closing and Presentation of Credentials.

Registration for this workshop will open soon. Please contact with any questions.

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Avalon Adventure 2019
to Aug 6

Avalon Adventure 2019

Priestess Yeshe will be bringing a group of women on an Avalon Adventure to visit sacred sites of the goddess in Britain and attend the Glastonbury Goddess Conference in 2019.


This tour is now full. Please look at our other upcoming trips to see if you’d like to join one of our adventures, or Join the Temple to received advance notice of upcoming events and travels.

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HexFest New Orleans
to Aug 11

HexFest New Orleans

  • New Orleans, LA United States (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Priestess Yeshe and her husband Albert will be bringing a group of people to attend Hexfest in New Orleans in summer of 2019!

Tales of the magic of the Crescent City of New Orleans stretch back over centuries. It is an enigmatic place where Voodoo, Hoodoo, Witchcraft, and even Christianity blend at a crossroads of spiritual power. On August 9th to 11th, 2019, Brian Cain, Christian Day, and the Witches of New Orleans present HexFest: A Weekend of Witchery held in the heart of the historic French Quarter. The conference opens with a Riverboat Ritual and dinner, held on an authentic steamboat on the Mississippi River, followed by two full days of workshops, drumming, and ritual at The Bourbon Orleans Hotel, a venue riddled with a history of hauntings. HexFest has gathered Witches, rootworkers, Voodoo priests and other magical teachers from within New Orleans and around the world to offer their time-honored wisdom. Between workshops, attendees will love the magical shopping in our on-site vending hall where you can purchase powerful ritual tools, signed books, exquisite jewelry, and spellcrafts handmade by true practitioners!

Presenters for 2019 hail from across the spectrum of Witchcraft and magic. Our presenters include Brian CainChristian Day, Dorothy MorrisonSorita D'EsteFiona HorneLady RheaSallie Ann GlassmanHoodoo Sen MoiseAustin ShippeyStarr CasasRosemary Ellen GuileyByron BallardChristine StephensDragon Ritual DrummersCairelle CrowLaura Tempest-ZakroffMary-Grace FahrunMichael CorrellMulysa MayhemPatricia TelescoStarr RavenhawkWitchdoctor Utu, and Yeshe Matthews!

To learn more and sign up for this trip, please contact Yeshe at 510-355-7912.

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to Nov 18

Mayan Wisdom Teachings with Nan Shuni Giron

The Skydancer Center presents: Nan Shuni Giron

Shuni 1.jpg

Join us for a very special weekend as we explore ancient Mayan ceremonies, rituals, and traditions with international recognized spiritual leader and teacher Mayan Ajq'iij and spiritual guide Nan Shuni Giron from Guatemala. She will share the ancient Maya wisdom of the sacred used of Cacao and Teonanacatl Medicine of Mesoamerica. 

This Ancestral Medicine was identified as the food that generates the God Within; the food that connects with your divine innocent inner child.

These types of ancient ceremony were used for many healing rituals and many different sacred ceremonies. But mostly, it was used to help people suffering from illness such as depression, fears, confusion, resentment, stress, addictions of all kinds, and other negative behaviors. 

Come join us for a genuine, unique, and highly transformative ceremony as we come together to work consciously, individually, and collectively allowing ourselves to enter higher realms with the Teonanacatl and Cacao to help heal our hearts and minds at all levels: Physical, spiritual, emotional, mental and energetic. 

Our weekend together is full of amazing workshops, rituals, ceremonies, and private healing consultations/sessions. You can come to all of our offerings or select the ones that you feel most called to experience. 

Shuni 2.jpg

Weekend Schedule of Offerings:
$350 for all sessions

Friday November 16
7 pm 9 - Presentation 
Mesoamerican Shamanism: the sacred used of Entheogenic plants by Mayas and Aztecs 
Suggested love donation $ 50

Saturday, November 17
6 am
Mayan Sun gazing techniques & Renewal exercises
Suggested love donation $50

8 am
Mayan Sacred Mudras
Suggested Love donations $50

Learning to use the Mayan calendars for conscious modern living
Suggested love Donation $50

Mayan Dream time 
Suggested love donation $50

6pm -midnight
The Sacred Fire Ixcacao & Teonanacatl Ceremony 
Price $125 6 hrs
We begin the first 2 hours with Mayan Traditional Fire Ixcacao Ceremony. Then we we will continue with our Teonanacatl ceremony. We will spend the next two hours solo journeying and then two hours together with the group for collective healing. 

Afterwards we have a pot luck feast together.

Each person joining the ceremony will have the opportunity to learn their Mayan birth sign and how to be empowered by it.

Shuni 3.jpg

Sunday November 17
Please contact to schedule your private session with Nan Shuni: Mayan sacred Astrological readings, Healing and private Plant and Aura clearings
1 hr sessions are $125 

SPACE IS LIMITED! PLEASE purchase your tickets ASAP to reserve your space. 
Questions? Please contact or with

Mayan Wisdom Teachings with Shuni Giron 11/16-17/18
from 50.00
Ticket Type:
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Santa Muerte Ofrenda Building
5:00 PM17:00

Santa Muerte Ofrenda Building

All are welcome to come to The Sacred Well on Thursday, Nov 8 at 5pm to take down Hekate’s altar and build an ofrenda (altar) to Santa Muerte.

According to Enriqueta Romero, one of the people credited with taking Santa Muerte mainstream in Mexico, “She shouldn’t be feared. She is not vengeful, she will not hasten your death. She is part of life and she protects those no one else will.”

Often referred to as a high priestess, Romero has a shrine to Santa Muerte at her home in Tepito, Mexico, where people come from around the globe to worship and give offerings to their saint. La Santa is estimated to have over 10 million followers worldwide.

A group of Mt Shasta Goddess Temple pilgrims recently visited Doña Queta’s shrine to Santa Muerte in Tepito, and we will share photos, chants and songs during this altar building experience.

Free and open to the public.

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New Moon Red Tent for Wombyn
7:00 PM19:00

New Moon Red Tent for Wombyn

Wombyn members of the Mt Shasta Goddess Temple are invited to participate in our monthly online Red Tent, where we learn about the magic of the female body relevant to menstruation, pregnancy, menopause, and similar women’s mysteries.

Our topic this month is: “Menopause and the Dark Moon of life”

To attend this ceremony, please join the temple and more information about how to participate with follow.

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Black Madonna Pilgrimage to Mexico City
to Nov 4

Black Madonna Pilgrimage to Mexico City

Priestess Yeshe and her husband Albert are leading an incredible opportunity to visit the sacred sites of the Virgen de Guadalupe, Santissima Muerte, and Aztec goddesses in Mexico City, as well as special Halloween and Dia de los Muertos ceremonies and festivals. We will be viewing the paintings and effects of Frida Kahlo in her home La Casa Azul, visiting the Pyramids of Teotihuacán, and performing rituals for the ancestors on this trip.

Learn more.

Sold out!

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Full Moon Online Ceremony
7:00 PM19:00

Full Moon Online Ceremony

All members of the Mt Shasta Goddess Temple are welcome to attend our online Full Moon devotional on Oct 23 at 7pm Pacific time to participate in our lunar candle-lighting ceremony and drum meditation. The goddess for October in the Temple is Hekate, and we will be working with our ancestors and the spirit of the wolf.

If you’d like to attend this ceremony, please join the Mt Shasta Goddess Temple at any membership level, and further information will be shared with you via our Patreon.

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10:00 AM10:00

Dreaming Circle for Priestess Convocation in Crete 2020

convocation local.jpg

The purpose of this Dreaming circle is to share the vision of the Global Priestess Convocation which will be held in Crete from the 2-9th October 2020. We will explore the vision already held by High Priestess Anique Radiant Heart, who is the presiding High Priestess at the Temple of the Global Goddess in Maitland, Australia. 

The session will be interactive and an opportunity for you to share your desires for a global gathering of this kind. There will also be the opportunity for you to support the convocation in the way which best suits your circumstances. 
This is one of many sessions which are being held around the world to support the dreaming and gathering of those devoted to and in service to the Goddess. 

Come share your ideas, co-create sisterhood, and show your support for the 2020 Priestess Convocation. This event is open to those who intend to go to Crete in 2020 as well as those who are thinking about it, or those who know they cannot go to Crete but wish to build community locally.

convocation 1.jpg

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7:30 PM19:30

Concert with Anique Radiant Heart at The Sacred Well in McCloud

anique concert.jpg

Born singing, Anique has sung from her heart since she was 3 years old, bringing aunties and grandmothers to tears with her childish yet heart opening renditions of popular songs of the 40’s and 50’s.  In her teens, Anique won a national talent quest called OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS and went on to sing on programs like BANDSTAND and SATURDAY DATE.  She then went on to become an award winning jazz diva, and continued to sing professionally until her 50th birthday.  It was then that she dedicated her life to singing devotional music.

Having never been taught music in any form, Anique did not consider herself a songwriter, but when she began, during meditation, to receive transmissions in the form of beautiful songs and chants celebrating the Goddess, she decided that these expressions of Divinity were meant to be heard by all who love the Divine Feminine.

Her warm stage presence, superb voice and technical expertise ensure that her audiences are satisfied at every level. She oozes a genuine love of life and is so confident in her delivery,  that one feels they are in the presence of a world class performer. 

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Hekate Altar Building
5:00 PM17:00

Hekate Altar Building

All are welcome to come to The Sacred Well, 325 Lawndale Court in McCloud, on Oct 4 at 5pm for our monthly change of altar. We will be taking down the September altar to Maiden Magu, and putting up our October altar to Hekate. You are welcome to bring things to place upon this altar, including items related to dogs, horses, snakes, keys, pomegranates, and lanterns. During the altar building we will bless several skeleton keys for attendees who want them (these are $3 apiece).

If the Autumn chill in the air and the recent rains have you feeling extra witchy, you are encouraged to dress in black or red and wear your finery to this event, which is free of charge.

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Autumn Equinox Ceremony
2:00 PM14:00

Autumn Equinox Ceremony

For Autumn Equinox, members of the Mt Shasta Goddess Temple, the Sisters of the Sacred Mountain, Creativity and the Divine Feminine, the Goddess Temple of Ashland, Circle of Dawn from Maryland, and Priestesses of Amana and the Temple of Donto-In from Japan will be gathering to perform an Autumn Equinox Ceremony to balance and harmonize the elements.

We will convene at the headwaters of the Sacramento River in Mt Shasta City Park on Sunday, Sept 23 at 2pm. It is free to attend this circle. Please bring rattles or shakers, plus any sacred water or rainwater you might have, to participate in this ceremony.

On this day of balance between light and dark, we will honor the spirits of the land, the ancestors of Mt Shasta and all of our lineages, and the Earth herself in a ritual asking that the elements of earth, air, fire, and water come into harmony and that all beings assist and support planetary wellness.

For more information, please text or call 510-355-7912.

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50,000th Kuan Yin mantra recitation!
8:30 AM08:30

50,000th Kuan Yin mantra recitation!

Since August 2016, Priestess Yeshe has been offering daily Kuan Yin chanting practice via Facebook ever Monday-Friday. The brief, simple practice has two goals: 1) to accumulate 100,000 mantra recitations of “Namo Kuan Shih Yin Pusa” and “Om Mani Padme Hum” and 2) to generate energy for the installation of a shrine to Kuan Yin with 1000 statues in Mt Shasta.

On Friday, Sept 21, Yeshe and the Skydancer Sangha will cross the halfway mark of the practice with 50,000 mantra recitations! If you have been following along, or even if you are new to the practice, please tune in at 8:30am to Yeshe’s Facebook account, and be there for the 50,000th mantra recitation!

May this small act be of benefit to all beings.

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